We really want some gossip to spread… and it’s slowly happening! Gossip about children’s reading. Today the director rang me from one of the leading private schools in town to find out their results for our reading test. She said she can’t wait to find out and is very competitive. I think she told her teachers she would buy a bull for them if they are number 1 (sadly they just missed out). I have rang a few teachers and head teachers to tell them of their schools’ good results. And people are talking! We want this gossip to spread. We want to change the narrative of teaching and learning in Gulu and further afield in Uganda.

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    That’s awesome Jode! Now for the sake of excellent standards…of my own…and because I know you too desire standards of excellence. I want to explore with you is it… rang or rung…both communicate past tense…but which is the right one to use??? Any ideas??? Cheers Jen

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