Walk_back_edited-1Today we said a very sad farewell to Poppy and Jajja – Dan’s folks David and Karen Unterrheiner – who came out to visit us for just under three weeks. This was the first time a relative of ours came out to visit since we have been living in Uganda (apart from you Aaron, but we travelled together). During that time it was an honour and privilege to introduce them to many firsts:

  • To visit a developing country (first time one of them had left Australia)
  • Meeting Myron
  • Eating posho, beans, smoked meat, ‘green local veg’, millet bread
  • Seeing lions, baboons, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, deer, jackals and many more animals in the wild
  • Visit an African school
  • Experience Dan’s driving through crazy Kampala


We laughed. We cried. We ate new things with our hands. We challenged each other. We questioned each other. We learnt from each other. We shared the surface of our life here. Just a taste, to make it easier to connect and understand when we next meet on screen.

We will miss you Poppy and Jajja! But we are so blessed that you came to visit!


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