There has been a few rumours that Dan is ‘under the thumb’ and possibly that I wear the pants in our relationship. Publicly, I find no truth or hint of evidence in any of those highly creative stories.

And what is about to happen certainly doesn’t bring new evidence to light: Dan is stepping back from many of his responsibilities with The Recreation Project to come over and join me at our new organisation: READ (Reading Education and Development) for Life. Maybe it’s better coming from Dan…


Why thank you Jody…I can get a word in now!

Although it is my turn to talk, Jody has stolen my thunder and let the cat out of the bag. It is true, I will be joining Jody and the team at READ in a week or so. This decision is due to several factors which I’ll try and briefly explain.

The number one reason is Myron. As we are both keen to spend as much time with him as possible as we missed at least the first 18 months of his life, we haven’t hired a nanny but instead break the day up 50/50 between each other. I’ll do the morning shift and Jody the afternoon and visa versa. This has worked brilliantly for Myron although not so great with work. I’m finding I’m slipping further and further behind with work, to the point where I think it was going backwards.

The number two reason is, in light of the first reason I feel (and Jody feels) I was on the edge of burn out as I’ve got too much on my plate.

The number three is, Jody is growing ever busier as the NGO grows and I was regularly getting pulled into help here and there with logistics and maintenance on the classroom etc. This was also adding to the workload and stress levels!

Recognising the situation, I realised something needed to give/change. So we as a family decided that it would work much better for us if we are all sailing on the same ship.

Currently, I’m already doing some of his new role by overseeing the construction of a new education block in Layibi, Gulu, which is where Jody’s office will be and have access to other classrooms.

I will continue overseeing the classroom building project; but will also have time to assist Jody with the growing list of things to do as READ for Life expands. READ for Life has just employed their third Ugandan teacher; has two Peace Corps volunteers and is working in about 75 nursery and primary schools in our immediate area which we follow up.

We have started a website for READ for Life: but there is still a lot to do on it…

As READ for Life is now growing, we are looking for sponsors to support us in our work with schools in northern Uganda, particularly to help fund local teacher salaries. If you would feel like supporting our work, we are now registered in the UK with Stewardship, you can do this online.


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  1. Rhon Gillis says:

    Hi Jody, Dan and Myron… all sounds like a brilliant plan. Good luck with the new direction. I have emailed you just now as well, saying I know it will be a fantastic new commitment and it will all come together in due time. Love and wishes Rhon Gillis xxx

  2. Jan Buchanan says:

    Hello Dan and Jody. It’s wonderful to hear how God is blessing and growing the work of READ for Life and also blessing you as a growing family. Myron looks like such a happy, thriving boy (fantastic picture of you three, by the way!). Your decision to be “sailing on the same ship” sounds great, both for your family and for READ for Life.

  3. Ben says:

    You brought us a longs ways Dan. The Recreation Project has benefited tremendously from your hard work and commitment to initiate and build our agriculture programme. We are sad to see you go, but delighted to see you and your family moving together in this new chapter. The work was challenging and relentless, but we rode the waves and established something meaningful to the youth in our neighborhood. Don’t be surprised if we call on you for support 😉 God bless. Ben (TRP founder)

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