I wanted to post this a month ago, but the internet only allowed me to upload this short little clip now.

Last month I was the ‘chief guest’ at our local boda boda association annual party. This would be the equivalent of your local taxi drivers throwing a party (meals and drinks included) for the town. I was instructed not to turn up myself, but to await for a lift from one of the boda members. I waited… then my chaperone arrived. On reaching the destination I was greeted by two ‘ushers’ who took me to my place on the centre chair in the front row of a marquee. I was certainly made to feel important and loved. Admittedly, I am possibly their number one customer. There were a lot of speeches, a couple of comedians, dancing and a feast for the whole community: let’s party!


My official invitation to the event. 


Rough speech notes

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