Interesting challenge. Where do you give your money? And what is the best bang for your buck? You may not agree with everything our mate Nick writes, but at least it gets us thinking and questioning…


“Many attempts to do good fail, but the best are exceptional”
(William MacCaskill, Effective Altruism)

My first 3 Blogs focused on NGOs in the developing world, but this one explores simple question that’s relevant to all of us. Where should we donate money?

Donated money can do a lot of good. William MacAskill calculated that each dollar you give away if used well can be 100x more beneficial to a poor person, than it will be to you. That dollar which could pay for one days food for a girl in a refugee camp might increase her wellbeing 100x more than that sugar rush you get from a $1 coke (which I’m drinking right now). Makes sense right? This is really encouraging and should make us want to give more of our money away. But we have to send that money the right direction, otherwise its could be…

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  1. Annette Lathrop says:

    Very interesting and helpful information

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