When you are in a land-locked country and it’s impossible to take a leisurely stroll as a form of relaxation; or drop down to your local pub for a pint or a plate of bangers and mash, what do we do to relax? Watch DVD series. It’s sad but it’s true. But even this past-time takes quite a bit of co-ordination. Most of us don’t own a television, but we watch DVDs on our laptops. We are spoilt for choice with our local DVD shops stocking the latest and greatest, often at the same time they are released at the cinema 🙂

Here’s a quick guide on how to get the best our of your DVD series watching in Gulu:

  1. Always make sure your laptop is charged, if power is on – charge it! If you are using solar and the sun is shining, charge it! You never know when the power is going to go out.
  2. When your DVD ends abruptly and you are missing the last three episodes to that series, write it down NOW! Write down the number you are up to. You are not going to remember what episode number you are up to in 2 months’ time when you take a visit to restock your DVDs, and you are certainly not going to scan through the episodes whilst the lady in the shop kindly pops iton for you to have a look at each one to ‘jog’ your memory.
  3. If you end up purchasing several movies instead DVDs of a series which you know is a safe bet, have a quick search for a review before watching it. Rottentomates.com is usually quite accurate and it is hard to judge one word on a white disc in a clear packet when there are so many of them…


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