We started off having a quiet New Year’s Eve. Home-made pizza at a friend’s house, then home by 9pm. The music on either side from parties was way too loud to go to bed early so we decided to play cards until midnight. We didn’t really keep an eye on the time but could tell it was midnight by the raucous which later erupted on the road. Our instinct: turn the lights off and keep the dogs inside, which we did. We didn’t expect to receive a few missiles of rocks/clods of dirt which soon followed, aimed for ouwindow_smashedr compound. Dan ducked outside to put a blanket over the  the car. And about 30 minutes later, continuing our card game by candlelight with dogs inside, one clod thumped into the front kitchen window and shattered the glass. Why? We will never know. Alcohol mixed with hyped up youth never bode well, and last night we experienced it first hand…AGAIN!

We stay up until the noise of revellers die down and around 1.40am we roll into bed, to lay and hear the loud thump of music at the parties still continuing nearby. As it turned out the music continued to thump out until 6am this morning. I know this because I got up at about 4am since it was futile to even try sleeping. I turned on the light in the lounge and snuggled up on the couch wrapped in two sarongs to avoid mosquito bites, with my computer; then the power went off (solar cut out). What else do you do? I stayed up for an hour and a half cleaning the cluttered desktop of my computer – it looks beautiful now.

We were frustrated, disappointed and to be honest I was fuming on the inside about why people would even try to damage our house and how people can be so inconsiderate to blast music all night. The thoughts that go through my mind during those wee hours!

Alas, Happy New Year everyone! We might begin ours again tonight 🙂

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Sorry to hear Jode your Year began with you feeling that way! Take a moment to remember the highs and lows of 2016…and know with confidence God will continue to hold you and sustain you in 2017.

    Love you Jen

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    • Thanks Jen. Yes, in the moment you always feel the worst. Today the events of last night seem a lot lighter. Also started to read a good devotional by Timothy Keller today. Puts things in perspective 🙂 xxx

  2. tonycrowe7 says:

    Hey guys rough start to the year that one it sucks when people are so selfish seems its a worldwide phenomenon hey. Glad you felt a littel more encouraged yesterday as the nemey so often trys to spiral us down with negativity at times like this and maybe thats a little of the why of these things. He loves nothing more than to discourage and pull down but our victory comes as we rise back up knowing we are the victors. I pray today your hearts will be full of love and joy and peace that transcends all understanding. Love the Crowes

  3. thatssojacob says:

    Ugh, that sounds annoying. Hope your 2017 gets better!

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