To all our dear friends, family and loved ones – Merry Christmas! Sorry for the lack of personal Christmas greetings to you all. Please accept this post as Christmas greeting with love from the three of us. May you all have a wonderful Christmas/New Year season.

This year our Christmas started on Christmas Eve with a visit to St Jude Children’s Home (Myron’s former home), we thought we would give them a gift of two goats – what a sight we were walking those goats up the road wrapped in tinsel 🙂 We were met with some serious cheering and Myron being passed around by all the carers who were so happy to see him again – worth the visit! His first visit back and it was lovely.

Christmas Eve was capped off with picnic candlelight carols hosted by some lovely Aussie friends and lunch at our place Christmas Day follow by a post of cricket. Felt like Christmas at home 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Excited for the new adventures in 2017.

Dan, Jodes and Myron



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