Myron has been with us for more than eight weeks now. He is settling in so well! We were told at the ‘hand over’ that we had to get a care order approved by the magistrate for us to be his guardians. We were assured this would only take a few days, and the probation officer was just waiting to see the magistrate. It’s now almost two months down the track and we are still waiting. The probation officer has deferred us to her colleague who has relocated to another district but lives in Gulu. We met with this ‘lovely’ chap a couple of weeks ago and the conversation centred around having to ‘facilitate him’ for his work and his journey to do this (even though he is a paid government employee). Facilitation is code word for: pay him money (aka a bribe). We had a long conversation about corruption and bribery. We did make it clear that we would be willing to pay for the cost of the fuel for him to get to Gulu and after asking him numerous times how much this would be, he ducked, dodged and never answered. We have asked our local lawyer to step in and help us with this process.

Please pray for peace, wisdom, our hearts and the hearts of those in official positions we are dealing with. Pray that we can get this care order soon. Once we have the care order, we then wait one year before we can apply for adoption. Thank you! xxx

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