Since Myron came to join our family I have only managed to get out once for a jog in the morning. No excuses, just how it is. On this particular jog I wasn’t feeling very fit, so took it quite slowly. Later in the day I saw one of my regular boda (motorbike) drivers. He said to me: ‘I saw you trying to run this morning. You were going so slowly. Why didn’t you just walk? I think you were even going as slow as though you were walking, I think you should just walk’.

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  1. cassie says:

    Oh gotta love honesty, lol. My goodness, note to self, never attempt to jog if in africa. I am so super slow. I guess comments like those could make people really self conscious or challenged to be confident and at peace within themselves.

    • Very true! Although locals don’t really jog here. Not much need to. Women get plenty of exercise just going about daily life – they are toned! That 20L jerry can lifting is a little insane!

  2. cassie says:

    ……oh upon reading it again, could that be his way of saying, ‘take it easy, be kind to yourself, it’s okay just to walk’ now that your a busy mum……?

    • Hmmm not so sure I would take it that way. It’s a pretty blunt local culture. He has said many other similar things for other contexts… we just roll with it 🙂

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