Some solitude, sanctuary… feel the serenity! That’s what we needed and that’s what we are doing! We are taking a few days off from the day-to-day craziness to take a rest along the River Nile. This has been a challenging month for various reasons, but it is brilliant to slow down, read, rest, reflect, eat great food (possibly too much, I can hear my Gulu friends now: you have seriously grown fatter!), swim and have no great plans for each day.

Blessed to be able to getaway to such a beautiful hideaway. The bottom picture is literally the view from our room πŸ™‚


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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    Been thinking of you guys a lot these past few days so great to see you have taken some time out for yourselves. Love you both. Mark & Di xx

    • Thanks so much Mark and Di,
      This is a perfect place for us to be right now! Appreciate your concern and love – you guys rock! Although presently Dan is huddled around a tv with a few other tourists watching a football game… quality time? lol. Hence that’s why I had time to post this πŸ™‚

  2. Klaudia says:

    Have a wonderful time guys πŸ™‚ xx

  3. Jen Spencer says:

    Enjoy every moment.


  4. ntlaing says:

    Wow nice one, looks like you nailed the location! (not an easy task).

  5. Cassie Stewart says:

    Hey guys!

    This is my third attempt in the last two weeks to send an email, i think you guys got better connection than us over there!

    Glad to see you were able to have a getaway, the meal looks great! Have you had much chance to explore Africa yet? Are there any places in particular you’d like to check out? Is it feeling more like a second home now? And have you mastered some of the language yet? I have alot of questions!

    Well nothing much interesting to report from us…

    Az is starting a new job tom however, at “Total Tools”…so he will officially be a total tool πŸ˜›

    We also have a pet bunny you might have seen on facebook. Bunnies fav person is def Aaron, she comes running up to him like a puppy, he lays down on the floor with her and then she nudges him for a full body massage. It’s so cute, Az stops patting her and she goes up to his hand and puts her head in his hand to prompt him for more pats. Lol, sometimes I can’t find him and his sitting in the laundry hanging out with the bunny.

    Work for me has been super slow this year, barely any shifts available as a casual nurse, so I’m looking for other jobs atm.

    Apart from that, we are liking Lake Mac, its beautiful and has everything, I do miss not having close friends nearby though. My dad has just moved 1 hour and half north west of us. My mum is planning to move up in the next few years, which will be great to have her here, but it means that she’d be selling my childhood home, noooo!!! Lol, I’ll miss it heaps. (though she is still yet to visit us cos of her anxiety, plus she’s been a bit unwell with chest infections, not sure if I told you, she got diagnosed with moderate emphysema, she gave up smoking years ago, but had smoked since her early teens, she is fine for now though).

    Also, Jody, I have a question to ask you, after much plodding away, I have finished my first draft for my book called “Beautiful Light. Overcoming Severe Anorexia Nervosa”……no-one has read it yet, Az and my mum have read just parts of it and it still needs alot of polishing up and then editing, but basically I was wondering if you have the time over the next couple of months would you like to read it? Or parts of it? And let me know what you think in general, or if you have any tips for improvement etc. If you have alot on your plate atm, or have trouble with downloading rather large files on the laptop or just need more relaxing time when your not working, just let me know, not a prob, no pressure, just thought of you and thought it won’t hurt to ask.

    Also please let us know any prayer request you guys may have. Do you have a regular group of people praying for you both? Az and I pray over coffee (well I have coffee, he has his girly chai:) once a week before he heads to work, so we can easily make a point to pray for you both on a weekly basis, we do pray for you two anyways, but if you’d like more consistent weekly prayer let us know [😊] We are praying for a ywam family in the usa and people we connected with in india each week and really enjoy it.

    Well its late here, so gotta go, take care, take it easy and may you feel Gods presence near, love Cas


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