This weekend I returned with Teacher Catherine to Mega Radio station in Gulu to run a one-hour program on how to teach reading. Catherine and I attended the studio last week for what we thought was a one-off, one-hour pre-recorded session. We had a lot of fun during the recording, it certainly was a little difficult teaching reading on the radio when listeners can’t obviously see what you are talking about; but I think it went well. When radio presenter Teacher Jackline was winding up the program she told the listeners to tune in again next Saturday when we would be back, live in the studio with a class of children!

We returned yesterday, with ‘Mega Classroom’, and recorded the second session with 15 children in the studio; the children participated in the interactive program while others rang in. Catherine did a stirling job and we are receiving a very positive response from the community. We will return again next Saturday for another session.


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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Awesome Jode…freakin awesome! Love your work.


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