There is a boy who lives across the road from us. Lovely boy, ironically his name is Innocent. Last year he wasn’t in school much (family troubles, and he was sent back to the village). He is back across the road this year and attending one of the local government primary schools. He looks like he is about 10 years old. He is in the equivalent of grade 4 but cannot read anything, can count, but has difficulties adding and subtracting. His teachers here probably call him ‘dull’. I have seen his exercise books (he wanted to show me). You could tell he was struggling to copy off the board and clearly didn’t know what he was writing. He’s not dull. He has just missed out on a quality education, like many children in Northern Uganda ( and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they are in or out of school). We are trying to give him a little ad-hoc tutoring, however he is a reminder of why we are here, and not just for a few individual children, we are trying to improve the system (the struggling school education system)… slowly slowly…


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