My fabulous team of helpers and I have just finished carrying out two and a half weeks of intensive reading tests with almost 900 children in 20 schools in Gulu. These early grade reading tests will help us to have a clear picture of pupils’ current reading abilities and to help give teachers more detailed advice on the best way forward for improved teaching and learning. It was a hard slog – but we got there!

A huge thanks to these helpers: Tara-Lee, Katie, Dave, Tom, Mim, Laura, Charis, Dylan, Nick, Tess, and Dan! I literally wouldn’t have been able to do it without ye all!

In the pic below I am looking a little too happy… that was drawing to the end of a long day of testing on my birthday, I was given a soda and biscuits to celebrate at one of the schools 🙂


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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    Wow’ that is a huge achievement and great o hear you’ll be making use of the results- my cynical comment comes from seeing so many statistics being collected in UK with little evidence of them actually being used to inform practice. Well done! Love Di X

  2. Jen Spencer says:

    You’re awesome Jode!

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