The day is almost here! Tomorrow (September 8) is International Literacy Day (proclaimed by UNESCO). The theme for this year’s International Literacy Day is Literacy and Sustainable Societies – literacy is one of the biggest drivers for sustainable development. And ainternational-literacy-day-880-million-small-56215lthough school attendance is increasing in the developing world, including Uganda, primary school literacy levels are still extremely low. Many children can complete their primary schools years without adequate reading and writing skills. Thanks to the World Literacy Foundation they have started an online fundraiser to help raise much-needed funds for Gulu primary schools and is supporting The Fun of Phonics project. To celebrate International Literacy Day, why not join the World Literacy Foundation in supporting The Fun of Phonics project. Funds raised will go towards subsidising literacy resources for schools, training schools and mentoring local teachers. Click here to make a donation. The fundraiser doesn’t stop tomorrow, in case you miss it, it’s still open for the rest of the year. Thank you for your support in helping to equip our teachers in northern Uganda and to get children reading!

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