We ducked to our local pork butcher in town to get some meat. 1/4kg is 3000 shillings (around 50p/$1.20) or one kilogram is 13000 shillings. We said we wanted four quarters, rather than one kilogram. He then persisted to say that that was the same as one kilogram, so we would pay 13000. Instead, we said we wanted 3/4 and 1/4 (still cheaper than 1kg). We got our 4/4 in the end 🙂

The price of pork is sky-rocketing in Gulu at the moment. The pigs are ‘not there’. Local butchers are having to pay high prices in transport fees to get meat from other districts. Let’s hope that the piggery part of the agriculture project will inspire locals to invest in building their own piggeries, it’s certainly a great market at the moment.



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