You are good for nothing. You were born poor. You will die poor. There is no hope for you.

This is what a primary school teacher said to Davis Samuel when he was in year 5. At the time he was paying for his school fees by leaving the house at 5am to tend people’s gardens before schools. And then do an afternoon shift each evening since his parents could not pay for his school fees.

Davis met this same teacher recently when he was running a professional development course for school teachers and had some of his published books with him. That very teacher came up to him, recognised him, hugged him and shed tears.

Davis is now the national director for the Association of Christian Schools in Uganda. He has such a beautiful, gentle spirit and such a big vision for Ugandan education. I am currently staying with him and his lovely family in Kampala and it is a privilege to work alongside him.

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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    What a testimony of achievement and grace.

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