Meet Okema Cirlo Stafford. To us, he is known as Okema. This is one of the hardest workers I have met! We have had to dig up a lot of concrete recently, and as we do not have a jack-hammer it all had to be done by a metal crowbar. We pounded on this concrete until our joints were convulsing. I, personally, had a lot of trouble holding a cup to my mouth afterwards because I was shaking so much. That might seem like just another day for some of us, but when you realise that he is 66, you start to appreciate how amazing he is for his age. To give you a little background to his days, he is a grounds maintenance ‘man’ and our security guard. Okema works seven days a week, 12 hour shifts (day shift one week, night shift the next week). He has to do this because there is no pension here and he has a wife and nine children.

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