This week one of my ‘Facebook Friends’ commented on a post I wrote, stating that I live a very exciting life out here in Uganda and that she loved reading my posts. Exciting: This got me thinking… It certainly is exciting in that I am experiencing so many things that many of my friends could only imagine or dream of. However I realised I tend to filter so many experiences and post what I believe are my ‘quirky’ observations on Facebook, things about living in this culture which I believe my muzungu (white) friends will find a little surprising, interesting and possibly quite funny.

On reflection, these posts are only a glimpse of my experiences here in Gulu; and possibly a glimpse through rose-tinted ‘Facebook’ glasses. There have been many experiences I haven’t shared: times when I have sat and cried; times when I want to scream with frustration; times when I feel guilty; times when I just don’t know what to do; times when I am completely confident this is where I am meant to be; times when I feel I am smashing my head against a wall; times when God lifts me and puts me back on my feet; times where I am so excited that I am learning new things; times where I thank God I was born where I was; times when I want to just lock myself indoors and watch the whole series of Pride of Prejudice; times when I am overjoyed with the small victories; and times when I question if anything I am doing is making a difference.

So… I have decided to post a series of seven posts in seven days. In each of these posts I will try to explain more of my ‘real Ugandan experiences’; it will be ‘Life in Uganda Unplugged’.

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  1. ntlaing says:

    Looking forward to it Jodes!

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