The following blog post (click link below) is a couple of years old, but I read it for the first time a few nights ago, when a friend posted it on Facebook:

Tears welled in my eyes when I read it the first time. And when Dan asked me to read it to him later, I choked a few times.

Why? I also want to roar! For similar and different reasons:

I want to roar because…. I know there are many sponsored children in third world countries who are failing school and can finish primary school without being able to read (I know this because I have met some). The reasons for this are very complicated… another post, another day.

I want to roar because… just being ‘in’ education doesn’t mean you are ‘being’ educated.

I want to roar because… this season of my life is ending soon and I am worried that I will slip back into my comfortable western life.

I want to roar because… possibly God is preparing me for another journey, another challenge that I can’t understand right now but that I may well feel is too big for me!

I want to roar because… I sure am glad that I wasn’t born in a place like this…

A missionary friend recently said to me during Bible study something alone the lines of: ‘to much is given, much is expected’. And directed it specifically to me, that since I have two teaching degrees God is certainly expecting more of me than possibly I can imagine right now. (Luke 12:48:… Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required…) Her husband later reminded me of a brilliant Brooke Fraser song: Albertine (… One of our favourite songs:

Now that I have seen I am responsible. Faith without deeds is dead’.

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