Christmas in Gulu...

How do people in Gulu celebrate Christmas? Well there’s probably a few hundred chickens less in town: Christmas meal is certainly freshness guaranteed; and Coca Cola can also celebrate an increase in sales throughout this week. No presents though: I asked a neighbour if her husband would buy her a gift: “no”, she replied, “people only do that when they are courting”.
How did we celebrate Christmas? A pancake breakfast with the neighbours (which most possibly ate out of politeness, not because they liked the flavour); a meal shared with a security guard who sadly was ‘on duty’ all day; intermittent Skype calls to our loved ones, a newspaper/toilet roll Christmas cracker; board games and the delights of David Attenborough on DVD.
There’s no charade here. No expectation to keep up with any Jones’. Refreshing to reflect on the importance of Christmas: to remember the incredible gift of Christ and his purpose of being sent. Also a time to value and appreciate our friends and relatives who love and support us dearly. Thank you to all reading this, you are a special part of our lives! Merry Christmas! Love, Dan and Jodes xxx

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