First day back in Gulu and I am walking through the village, heading back to church from school. A teenager I know runs up to me: “Jody, you are so fat now!” (Thanks). She then goes on to describe the areas I have so-called piled on the pounds: my arms, stomach and bottom. Prompt: fake-laugh. I reply that I plan to lose it and get back to my old shape; “no, no”, she replies, “I like you this fat, you look good!”.

Dan and I possibly heard this expression from over a dozen people today – thanks Gulu! We know you love us and we know you want us to stay fat but we will not look this great for long (we hope anyway)…


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  1. Danny says:

    LOL Jody, it is a real cultural thing isn’t it? When I went to Nepal I took some photo’s from home and my associate teacher looked at one of me and said “Oh, you used to be so fat”. “Gee, thanks (I think) – hahaha.
    Bummer we didn’t get to catch up on your trip home; maybe next time 🙂
    Danny xxxooo

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