They say cats have nine lives, I would say the commuters along the road from Kampala to Gulu have many more! Pot-holes? More like chasms in the road!

Today was our first full day in Gulu. We have visited the site, I fear some locals are worried that Dan may transform soon into Miss Trunchbull… stay tuned!

Ugandan bank accounts opened: stumbling block – why do you have the same last name? And questioned about 5 times – are you sure she can make a decision without you?

Another challenge: Dan’s Aussie accent, Jody often has to step in to interpret. Perhaps her English classes will soon be extended 🙂

House hunting began: note to self, don’t both going through Ugandan real estate agents.

Travelling rule number 1: never wear new Christmas sandals on a long walk! Suffering the consequences now and  cannot wait to pop blisters and soak feet!

Sad point: We have come up with some cracking one-liners today and most have been wasted! One pastor cracks up every time, will limit our stand-up act to his presence.

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  1. Jake and Leila says:

    It ‘s a good thing Dan gets asked ‘ are you sure she can make a decision without you’, as it has been Jody who often got asked that. Would love to see Dan’s hair up in a bun and wearing a grey Miss Trunchball outfit….that could be his new Ugandan look.

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