To our awesome friends in sunny oz and chilly UK: thank you so much for showering us with your love, kindness, hospitality and incredible generosity! It has been brilliant to spend time and be spoilt by many of you. The countdown is on and we fly to Uganda this Thursday morning. Feeling a little excited as well as nervous. First up on the agenda will be looking for a place to live: dream place will have a flush toilet and electricity, although I have been told by a few that the flush toilets can be a little over-rated, especially if they break down 🙂 Stay tuned…

Thanks for all your prayer and support. We hope to update this regularly and have some cool stories/photos to share. Speak soon,

Love Dan & Jodes x

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    We do love you and are inspired by YOUR courage and generosity. As our amazing God goes before you my prayer is that you will see his generous love and provision for you in the spectacular and in the everyday!!

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