Family read aloud time is the best family tradition we have implemented – without a doubt!
Tonight we finished Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo. Both Dan and I couldn’t finish it – we were choking up! So Myron read the last few pages aloud to us. We highly recommend it 🙂

I had heard great reviews about Wonder by R.J. Palacio so I thought I would give it a quick read myself before starting it with our family read aloud time (just to make sure it was age appropriate). Yep it is (and also many tears). And… it’s a book that, in my opinion, every human should read.

On a separate note, sorry we’ve been so quiet over these past several months. Since returning from Australia we have been between READ for Life activities, Myron’s school, studying soil and our heads in books or listening to podcasts. We will try and update you with some of the highlights (and lowlights if interesting) over the coming weeks.


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  1. Diane says:

    Thank you. I don’t know if you’ll recall this but you introduced me to The War Horse which I would also highly recommend for getting in touch with feelings around loss. Michael Morpurgo is so gifted. Love to you all. Xxx

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