From food poisoning to COVID. Yesterday I was feeling great, went for a walk and then thought this morning: I can handle a short jog. I jogged 5km, then was utterly exhausted for the rest of the day. Was horizontal for most of the day, my fever returned and some small chills, then feeling hot. What is happening?

Just to be safe, Dan tested me for malaria. It didn’t come up straight away, and I’m not sure what happened, but it was put aside and we didn’t look at it until a few hours later. As Dan walked by later… “it’s stuffing positive!” Tested again, and sure enough, I’m positive for malaria.

Four things I’m thankful for:

  • I’m grateful that we had malaria treatment (and rapid tests) in the house. So I started the treatment straight away.
  • I’m grateful for enormous international NGO’s (whom I normally criticise) for subsiding the treatment so it is very affordable.
  • I’m also grateful I’m not on the beach in Kenya feeling MORE sorry for myself with malaria – or even worse, in Kenyan government quarantine for COVID.
  • I’m also very grateful for my husband and Myron for looking after me.

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  1. Rachel G says:

    Noooo! So sorry Jody!

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