And… water came back on Christmas Eve. I can’t express how thankful I was for water to be back for Christmas (some of this will be revealed if you keep reading…)

Christmas 2021 has ended. There were multiple highlights this year, including:

  • A relaxing morning and catching up with family members online.
  • Being able to give presents to about 30 of our neighbours – all the children who completed our neighbourhood schooling in either our class or the two nearby classes. Very thankful to two people who made donations to give these kids some lovely presents – they all received a storybook and a toy (either a toy car or a lego-like set).
  • Being invited at a moment’s notice to have lunch at our neighbours (treated to chicken, rice spaghetti and a soda) – this possibly features on the lowlights list too (more about that later).
  • Watching the children play in a nearby field while Dan tries to get one of Myron’s presents working.

The flipside:

  • Dan attempted to make a rugby-catch game more fair and even out the teams, however a few children clearly didn’t think Dan was making it ‘more fair’ – for their team anyway 🙂
  • Food poisoning which kicked in Christmas night and is STILL LINGERING. Dan and I are having all the classic symptoms: feeling sick, way too many trips to the loo, fever, chills, headache. No evidence or full investigation on the root cause… however I fear it may have been the generous lunch invitation. Boxing Day and today (December 27), Dan and I haven’t been extremely productive. Thankfully there’s not a lot we need to be doing right now. Oh, and why did Dan tell all the kids to make their Lego-like creations and bring them to us a show us? lol, even when we are napping on the lounge, or on Myron’s bed, we still get children coming in and showing off their handiwork: it is lovely to see what they have made though.

The flipside of the flipside:

  • I’m even MORE grateful that water is back. I couldn’t possibly imagine all those loo trips with no water to flush the toilet (and we would quickly be running out of jerrycans).

Here’s hoping that the worst is over and tomorrow we will be as good as new…

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