Without a doubt one of the highlights of this year with our neighbourhood class was a storytelling morning where each of our class members performed a retelling of a story to quite a large audience: their mothers, aunties, grandmothers, siblings and ALL of the staff from READ for Life and Connect Education Centre who were the judges.

It was such a beautiful morning to not only enjoy stories as a community, but also for our children to showcase so much of what they had learnt throughout the year (with their speaking and performing skills).

The children worked very hard to practise their stories and we are so proud of them. Not long after our morning performance there was a birthday party at our neighbours for two siblings – it was a very big affair with a cake, speeches, soda and a ‘programme’. Featuring on the program were four of our students performing their stories. Although I loved the first event, it was potentially more beautiful to see this being honoured by the local community in their own celebrations.

Storytelling in our local community is another thread of the silver lining throughout this year of school closures. We hope it will continue…

Here’s a video of some highlights from the Storytelling morning…

The storytelling winners and their peers congratulating each other during a certificate presentation. Teacher Reagan and Teacher Patrick from READ for Life represented the large group of judges.
Student Carolyne performing her story of the Princess and the Pea at a neighbourhood birthday party function.

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