Ten-year-old Jerry joined our neighbourhood class at the beginning of the year. Last year he was in South Sudan and this year he lives just a little up the road from us. Schools are still closed here; they have been closed for almost two years. Jerry started our neighbourhood class with very basic reading and writing skills, he certainly gave me a few challenges for how to pitch the lessons for him as well as the other children in February this year.

However, I am absolutely blown away by how much progress Jerry has made in eight months. When it comes to storytelling and story writing, he is one of our most thoughtful and creative students.

Last month we completed in a story writing unit and each child entered their stories in a national competition.

I have attached Jerry’s below:

It’s quite incredible to think that this child has barely been in school and no-one has taught him from home. And it’s wonderful to look back now and reflect on the fabulous year of learning Jerry has had and the incredible amount of progress he has made.

I am sharing Jerry’s story with his permission.

This is one proud neighbourhood teacher…

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  1. Jonny & Sarah says:

    This is amazing! However, given the quality of his teacher I’m not entirely surprised! Well done to you both 🙂
    Lots of love, J&S

  2. Jan Buchanan says:

    Wow, what an amazing story–you certainly have reason to be proud of Jerry! One thing (among many) that impresses me is his knowledge of African geography.

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