Several months ago we applied for a five-year adoption visa for Myron to visit Australia. This is pretty much the Australian Government’s way of recognising his adoption and would give Myron ‘residency’ of Australia. When we applied, we were told that most of the applications were approved within two years. We knew we would have a long wait ahead of us.

This week we were asked for ‘more information’ for Myron’s visa. We need to go back to a health centre in Kampala for three more health tests. We did plan on driving to Kampala this morning, however our road was impassable and by the time the sun dried it out it was too late. We are planning to leave this Sunday for the health tests. One step closer…

The road to town from our house… after a few hours of sun…
One step closer…

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  1. Diane & Mark says:

    One more step along the road, Hope you find our gift useful in this process. Always thinking of you guys. Xxx

  2. Jan Buchanan says:

    Hello Jody and Dan. May the Lord open the way for Myron’s visa to be granted in a timely manner!

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