As a family, we have just finished reading/listening to the Chronicles of Narnia – all seven books. The Last Battle was certainly a mad dash to the finish line before the audio book disappeared from our online library, but we made it just in time (listening over breakfast, holding a portable speaker up while travelling in the car, listening while cooking…).

Why didn’t we read this series in our childhood? (Well, Dan and I anyway…) If you haven’t read the series, please do. All seven books. The stories and characters have been woven into the life of our family, and we know we will return to them again and again. But the last book, phew! What symbolism and imagery! Lewis received a Carnegie Medal for The Last Battle, and from a huge fan, I can see why.

There’s been more than 100million copies sold, in 47 different languages – so obviously we’re not the only ones who think this series is just stellar!

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