Whilst completing my Masters my supervisor told me not to use the term ‘developing country’; instead it should be ‘low income’ country.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon the term ‘low income’ just doesn’t really fit. 

Part of our teacher’s training college government curriculum includes a section on gender-based violence. I am very blessed to know a clinical psychologist in Gulu – she’s good at her job and boy can she train! She has lived in northern Uganda for longer than me, working in a wide range of areas, including gender-based violence.  

She agreed to come and run a training session with our student teachers – the opportunity was too good to miss so I invited all our staff to join. The two afternoon training sessions were bang on! 

At the end of the two afternoon sessions one of our female staff members shared how she realised she had been a victim many times in her life and how empowering the sessions were. This is a baby step but a very positive one nonetheless. We are in a nation that is ‘developing gender equality’; ‘developing a better understanding of human rights’ and ‘developing a respectful understanding of the role of women’. We as an organisation are also developing in those areas. The journey is far from over, but… we are moving! 

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