Across the world I think we would all have to agree that this year is and will continue to be a challenging year! But amidst the challenges and grey clouds there are quite a few rainbows. Here are my 12 rainbows since schools closed in March.

  1. Spending a lot more time with my family (incredible husband and son).
  2. Having the privilege of homeschooling Myron (not sure if I will give this one up too quickly next year!)
  3. Starting up new ventures (radio programs) which have had a tremendous impact on the community.
  4. Listening to our team blossom into their read aloud skills (I just love how the character voices and sound effects have developed over these past few months!)
  5. The flexibility in time to allow for regular exercise and morning quiet times.
  6. The incredible resources I have been able to tap into made available by some lovely, talented and generous people around the world!
  7. I have read a lot more! I have possibly read more books for pleasure and enjoyment this year than I have in the past 10 years (apart from teaching books and required uni readings!)
  8. We have got to know our neighbours a lot more, mostly thanks to Dan spear-heading daily neighbourhood teaching sessions with children who live nearby.
  9. We started monthly family storytelling sessions and they are often the highlight of our month (now including storytelling capes!)
  10. Being able to spend some quality time on professional development of the wonderful team of teachers we have (and digging in deep with story reading and analysing skills, as well as activities you can do after reading a story – it has been so much fun!)
  11. Discovering an incredible team of dance teachers in the UK who teach Myron on Zoom – Funky Moves teachers you are literally an answer to prayer and have made a big difference to our lives!
  12. Slowing down. Breathing. And resting, well, a little more than before 🙂

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