Dear World,

We are praying for you! And joining you in partial lock-down…

Today Ugandan schools closed for 30 days. Although Coronavirus (COVID-19) hasn’t reached Uganda yet, it has reached our borders and the government is trying to limit the spread by imposing a partial lockdown for 30 days.

All over the country parents are struggling for unexpected transport fees to return their children from boarding schools. Schools have closed; churches have closed; weddings and funerals limited to 10 people present; travelling markets are banned; along with sporting events; and drinking bars.

Tomorrow morning we will be closing our college for 30 days; giving our students homework and a lot of advice on how to protect themselves and their family against the virus (if it comes).

At READ for Life, the current plan for staff is to still visit the office, make some resources, do some online learning, write some lesson plans and catch up on all those jobs we never get a chance to do! Unless, of course, our restrictions are tightened.

Almost all expat short-term volunteers have left for their home countries, and there has been a crazy rush to book flights before airlines stop. There is a general feeling of anxiety and uncertainty in the air.


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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    Sending you much love, peace and protection during these uncertain times. Love Jen and Amanda

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