invitation graduationNursery graduation number two

Today I represented our team at READ for Life as the ‘Chief Advisor’ at one of the local nursery schools we are partnering with. I was actually looking forward to attending this particular graduation because children at the school did brilliantly in our recent Early Grade Reading Assessment. The school climbed from position number 18 on the ladder to second place this year! And the P1 class came equal first, reading 56 words per minute – a great achievement for this new school branch.

The rain hindered the morning preparations. I arrived two hours late (thinking I would be about on time), but of course I was early. I was quickly ushered into the director’s office/home. Her living room was completely empty of furniture since it had all been relocated to the school field for the graduation celebration (I later enjoyed sitting on her lounge chair all afternoon as I took on the role of ‘chief advisor’).

With no furniture left, I was whisked into her bedroom where I was asked to take a seat (on her bed) and then served a plate of liver and a glass of drinking water. Yes, that’s correct – a plate of liver (with no accompaniments). As I boldly munched on the liver (my first time) she then climbed up on the bed too and inquired how their school went in the reading assessment. So… both reclining on her comfy bed and me nibbling the plate of liver, we then discussed her school and their improved performance.

When my plate was done (I was pretty proud about that) and the rain had eased, it was time to walk down and begin the proceedings.



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