Last night a local thief was killed (suspected mob justice) not that far us for trying to kill a goat.

My regular boda driver recounted some of the brief details to me before taking Myron to school this morning. During dinner tonight Dan asked Myron (attempting to be tactful): Myron, was there a man laying on the road, maybe sleeping, on your way to school?  I hope you didn’t see him. (I tried to whisper to Dan that Myron probably knows all about it). 
Myron’s reply: No. he was dead. And he wasn’t there, they had buried him under some leaves.
And… moving on to a different conversation…

Mob justice is quite a crass way of describing this act. One local journalist believes calling it ‘justice’ is an affront to justice and prefers to call it ‘mob action’. Unfortunately, ‘mob action’ is common in Uganda and the latest statistics (from the Criminal Investigations Directorate) claim that six people are killed each week in Uganda from this method.

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