I will sleep well after tomorrow night!

Tomorrow is our Book Fair! The first ever Book Fair in Gulu which we are hosting.
Quite a few months ago we ran a little ‘gofundme’ fundraiser to raise money to put an event like this together. You (or several people like you) were extremely generous and we quickly raised enough money to host the event. Since then we have put in quite a lot of preparation to bring this event to fruition and it’s finally here! We are as ready as we can be!

We are expecting around 75 directors, principals and head teachers from about 40 primary schools and local organisations. We have only invited what we call the ‘serious’ schools; schools which we are working well with, head teachers who seem quite interested in improving their school and schools which have dedicated teachers who are  trying hard with their teaching of reading and literacy.

It’s actually more than a Book Fair – it’s an event! Our keynote speaker is author and illustrator Cathy Kreutter who will also be launching her new book 1, 2, 3 Good Morning on the day! It’s the first board book to be published in Uganda! Cathy will be speaking about the importance of a picture book as well as how to establish a school library. There’s also going to be presentations on the importance of children reading (or being read to), demonstration of a reading activity, explaining our new mobile library (details on that one later), and a local speech and language therapist discussing the importance of reading for speech and language development.

We are hoping that the Book Fair will ignite a little spark in schools, small fires where libraries will be open, expanded or possibly even used for the first time!

Please pray that this is the beginning of something quite incredible in our local schools – the beginning of a reading revolution!

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 8.03.09 pm.png

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