While travelling to Kampala recently to pick up my new visa I was pulled over by traffic police in a small town for a random check. This is a very standard occurrence here and not to get pulled over on a journey between Gulu and Kampala is almost strange. I wound down the window, greeted the female officer and just handed her my licence. Her response was: “What are you giving me this for? I could just run away with it.” I replied: “True, but I would chase you.” She then told me she just wanted a lift. After a long conversation of trying to find out where she wanted the lift to (but didn’t give a direct answer to), I told her to get in the car.

Our next conversation made me laugh out loud, and giggle for the rest of my journey.

Daniel: Madam, put your seatbelt on because I don’t want to get pulled over by the police.
Policewoman: (belly laugh) that won’t happen!
Daniel: You put your seatbelt on.
Policewoman: (trying to reach the belt and pull it around herself) I am too satisfied for this! It is squeezing my stomach, I am not putting it on.
Daniel: (laughing out loud and enjoying the conversation immensely) OK.

We drove off. We only went around 500m down the road. I figured she didn’t tell me where she actually wanted to go because I might have made her walk and she didn’t want to do that 🙂

By the way, she gave my licence back but I’m doubting she would have got too far with it before I caught up with her…


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