Sleep-DeprivationIt’s 3.50am, I’ve been lying in bed for almost 5 hours listening to annoying disco music pounding from the nearby centre; getting more and more frustrated each time I check the time. I’m not even sure why I keep checking the time, just to clock what time I am still awake I guess. I have drafted and redrafted a letter in my head to local leaders about noise pollution although not sure if I will actually put a pen to it.

Pondered about the effectiveness of sleep deprivation as a form of torture, night day-dreamed about having a bedroom that was sound-proof and had some bad thoughts about what I would do (or say) to the local disco hall pumping out that lame music at this hour!

I do some quick research and discover that there are laws against noise pollution in Uganda, rarely implemented though. Weddings and funerals regularly break these laws. The last local wedding which interrupted our sleep was in our neighbour’s property. When our windows started to rattle, and the base vibrated through our bodies, that was a pretty good sign that we would have to sleep somewhere else for the ‘main night’ of the traditional wedding.

Dan tells me to put ear plugs in. But I just can’t bring myself to do it! Of course I’ve tried, several times in the past (for similar reasons), but I feel like I’m shoving chewing gum in my ear and find that just as annoying.

Apparently sleep deprivation can contribute to weight gain: there’s my excuse then! It wasn’t those sweets, snacks and chocolate biscuits in Australia that has stopped the zipper going up on most of my ‘teacher dresses’ here, it is not getting enough shut-eye. Sold!

Well I’m not officially suffering from sleep deprivation (180 hours straight of no sleep) and don’t plan to! Will do some afternoon napping before that happens! But will be ready for my grumpiness tomorrow and will try and keep that grizzly bear contained! I think I will write that letter… maybe after some sleep though.

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  1. Cathy KREUTTER says:

    Yes there are very good laws in Uganda against the noise- NEMA is the one concerned except in city boundaries then it is the local council to govern the noise. It is your Uganda constitutional right to a peaceful environment.

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