Today we filmed a demonstration of a phonics reading lesson at Obiya West Primary – one of the local schools in Gulu. The filming is part of our set of teacher training and professional development DVDs READ for Life is creating.
Although Teacher Catherine did the main teaching, I was so proud of the classroom teacher, Teacher Dickens, who had taught his class beautifully throughout the year! Group work in a class of 80! And after two years of schooling they could read and write!

We must give an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to Fairfield Church in the UK which is funding the production of the DVDs. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the church’s support! These DVDs are being created in response to local demand: teachers wanting more professional development resources; especially schools from across the country which we struggle to visit in person.

This is the third DVD we are in the process of creating. The first two are: a demonstration of a Set 1 (P1) phonics/reading lesson; and a training DVD. We are in the process of making covers for the Set 1 demonstration DVD and in the editing stage of the training DVD. We plan to film the Set 3 (P3) demonstration lesson next year.

We’re excited that some of these DVDs will be available for our January training where we are expecting teachers to travel from across the country for our training.

Here’s a few snippets of the Set 1 phonics demonstration lesson:

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