Years ago there was a commercial in Australia about a lady turning down a date with Tom Cruise because she was having a lamb roast that night. Nowadays we chat, blog and ponder about who we would invite for dinner (if we could invite anyone in the world) – our Ultimate Dinner Guest List: Albert Einstein? Hugh Jackman? actors, authors, politicians, scientists, entertainers, the list could be endless.

Well in Uganda, if I could invite anyone to visit me who would it be? Director of the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Grace Baguma of course! The most influential person when it comes to curriculum change and what is taught in Ugandan classrooms. Today I got confirmation from Grace that she is planning a field visit to Gulu to meet us and see first-hand our work in schools. And she’s not visiting alone, she’s bringing a team of 4 others from the NCDC and one representative from the Ministry of Education. We are still finalising details, but the visit is planned for next week (October 24-25).

I have had a rocky journey when it comes to meetings with national government representatives. But this is potentially our biggest meeting yet! Please continue to pray that it goes ahead! And that we would plan wisely for what to share and for our time together.

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