famously-clangingcymbalsmallAs part of our work here in education I have tried a little advocacy when I find the time (and the energy). I’m certainly a novice in this area and some of you may recall a meeting a couple of years ago with the Ministry of Education, the National Curriculum Development Centre and a few other influential educators (on again, off again, on again…). It’s hard to find that balance between reaching out and not becoming a ‘clanging cymbal’. Sometimes I feel I err on the side of the latter, especially when it comes to challenging a multimillion dollar national reading program which I feel could be significantly improved.

Tonight I got my ‘cymbal’ out one more time. I have been reaching out to a few education officials as part of my research for my Masters and thought I would ask the Director of the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre a few questions. Along with my questions, I apologised that I hadn’t seen her in person in Kampala and how I did want to share with her some more about the improvements we have been seeing in children’s reading and writing in Gulu.

This was her reply:

Thank you Jody
You have been at this for a while now.
I think I can come to Gulu mid October and come to purposely visit you and also see some schools.
Can you make arrangements for this and we see how to work together for a better

This is the ‘top cat’ of Uganda’s curriculum development! Please pray that this meeting will actually happen! You all know how much I love meetings, but this is one that I will be trying my hardest to bring to fruition!

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