Last week was our final session on story reading with year 2 student teachers at Gulu Core Primary Teacher’s College. We finished our 5-week mini project with students planning to read a story aloud (yep, lesson plan and all!) and then reading aloud to us.

What an incredible 5 weeks! We journeyed a long way in a short amount of time and pray that these student teachers will remember a lot of what was shared and put it into practise in their classrooms next year.

A huge thank you to all our reading ambassadors from a variety of different organisations around Gulu – thanks for sharing this journey with us and volunteering your time to help us out! We, and the students, thank you!

Considering and planning how to pilot a similar training with some of our more enthusiastic local primary schools.


Our reading volunteer teachers with Gulu Core Primary Teacher’s College year 2 students and college deputy principal Francissy (far right sitting); and college language teacher Gracious (centre crouching – slightly in front of me)


Read Aloud guru (teacher and author) Phoebe Wright sharing some last minute read aloud tips with her group of student teachers.


Restore Academy volunteer Kellie Ojeda sharing with her group of student teachers.


Read for Life teacher Akello Catherine listening to her group plan and read a story aloud.


Connect Education Centre librarian Kate gives student teachers feedback on reading aloud.


Students discuss lesson planning.


Students prepare a lesson plan for reading their story.

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