For those who pray…

There are two prayer requests that we would love you to join us in:

  1. Before we can get a Ugandan passport for Myron we need to complete his ‘long birth certificate application’. And the last jigsaw piece for this is a police report detailing when Myron was first ‘found’ by authorities.  We have a case file number for this report but don’t have a physical copy of the report. Dan has made several visits to the local police station to follow this up. What’s the problem? The report is over 2 years old, possibly not a great filing system and more than likely no-one wants to look for this report. The probation officer should have a copy of this report, and so should the children’s home, but Dan is getting ‘bounced’ by everyone. Please pray that we can ‘somehow’ get this report…
    We would love to go and visit our family in Australia for Christmas and the longer this takes the less likely this will happen. Being patient and waiting…
  2. Dan’s elbow has ballooned out. He doesn’t want to post any gorgeous shots… but just imagine a very swollen elbow that is now heading down his arm. Not sure of the cause, and possibly aggravated by a football fall on the weekend (World Cup practice!) He’s heading back to the health centre tomorrow to see our Dr mate.

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