Over the past year READ for Life has grown at such a fast rate, it’s almost hard to keep up! We’ve been reporting a lot of these improvements online and it’s been lovely to receive encouragement from many of you. It’s exciting and it’s wonderful to see schools improving however we can’t do this on our own. Six months ago we put out an appeal for donors to help fund teacher salaries (the main bulk of READ for Life expenses). And it’s time to send it out again..

We need about £6,500 (AUS$11,400) to pay four teacher trainers for one year. That includes their wages and transport costs for them to travel from school to school in the Gulu area for trainings and observations.

If 36 people donated £15 a month (AUS$26) then we would have enough to fund staff wages for the year.

We haven’t reached half of this goal yet, but we’re still trying and praying this will happen.

If you would like to donate a one-off gift or become a regular supporter of READ for Life’s work, then please click on our Donations page. We are a registered charity in Uganda and have partnered with Stewardship and Global Development Group to receive tax-deductible donations from the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and some countries in the European Union.

Thank you so much for those who have come on board to support READ for Life financially, and thank you to many others who support our work in so many other ways.



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