Throughout the past month we have trained more than 400 primary school teacher, have overcome some staff challenges, set and marked our end of term exams at our newly established nursery teacher training college, ran around like headless chickens getting paperwork ready for registration of the college, and endured a challenging journey to get our first set of phonics readers printed!

So… we came up for air: 5 nights away, 2 nights of good banter with English friends and 3 nights in Jinja. And what did we get up to?

  • Family mini golf
  • Myron’s first time on a horse by the Nile River (Myron: Can we keep a horse in our compound? I will clean out the store and it could live there. Why couldn’t I go jumping with the house and jump over those rails?)
  • Splashing around in the pool
  • Fresh Fish!
  • Some serious card games
  • Lots of reading
  • Discovering story podcasts for long journeys

We have now returned like an avalanche and preparing for a new term. Myron is readjusting to not having our undivided attention for every second of the day. It’s going to be a big term with already lots queuing up, but at least now our heads are above water 🙂


Game on!


Snuggles by the poolside.


Hippo’ing around at mini golf.


Yes! It’s in the hole!


Cracking spot for the first time on a horse!


Learning how to swim with noodles 🙂


Fresh fish


A serious game of Uno,


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