Independence in Uganda took place on the 9th of October 1962. Uganda was one of the many African countries that was colonised by the British.


In the north (not so in central and south Uganda) it is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) days to celebrate. This means meat and lots of it!

Denis, one of our local boda drivers (motorbike taxi), each year takes the initiative and buys a bull to be slaughtered in the early hours of the day. It is then wheel-barrowed up to the designated sale position and sold bones and all to the queuing community. To ensure all the meat is sold, he has employed a very unique marketing strategy: Denis leads the bull up and down the main road and down footpaths (of which there are many) speaking to the community and informing them of the vending position as well as taking bookings for specific parts. The head, the 4 legs, the tail and fillet (we booked that one) were sold before his route was complete. This strategy was so successful that by 10.30am all 140kg was sold!

The fillet was pretty good too!



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