It’s not a piggery, this time it’s classrooms 🙂
For the past few months Dan has been overseeing the construction of an education complex in Layibi, Gulu, funded by Serve Direct. READ for Life is partnering with Serve Direct and we are excited about the future education opportunities for the local community!

The multi-disciplinary education centre will house a children’s library (first active one in Gulu); classrooms and a teacher training room. The training room will host our nursery teacher’s training college (weekend program) when it opens in February next year; as well as host regular teacher training events. We will keep our training room in Holy Rosary Primary School and now have two training campuses in town (at different locations). Serve Direct will employ local primary teachers to run lessons for classes from the neighbouring primary schools (including Layibi Techo Primary School where our Gulu education journey began). These lessons will be tailored to the specific needs of the learners and will act as remedial lessons to fill in gaps, where a lower teacher-pupil ratio and learning resources could help significantly.

It’s a privilege to work alongside Serve Direct (an organisation with a similar vision to ours) and we are deeply grateful for their investment into our local community here.

We have some exciting plans and dreams for this education centre, keep reading to hear more in the future…



One of the workers finishing the floor in one of the classrooms. 


An architectural drawing of the completed education centre in Layibi, Gulu (not quite sure if it will feature a palm tree though… )

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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    That looks great – hold on to your vision and keep focussing on what God wants to do through you.

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