More than the worst thing we have ever done

What a beautiful, powerful blog from our good friends here in Gulu – Nick and Tess. Worth a read. Nick and Tess – you inspire us!


You have to wash! Look at you! I’ll tell the school matron to beat you if you don’t wash!”Kenneth’s mum scolds him, inspecting his uniform and behind his ears. Its visiting day at Gulu Primary Boarding school.

Its true, Kenneth is looking a bit grubby. But he isn’t roaming the streets stealing and setting fire to grass-thatched huts. And in front of us sits a little report card full of top marks, indicating he is currently placed 4th out of over a hundred students in his class.

While his Mum is over-fixated on his messy appearance, she brought him a soda and his favorite meal: fish and rice. I brought a big box of biscuits and bananas. In the shade of a red flowering tree, he reads to us from an English story book, perfectly. As always, he is quiet. But he is smiling a lot. It’s a beautiful day…

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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    What a brilliant story and witness

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