Last night we went out with some visitors to a local restaurant. Whilst there we saw four volunteers from the children’s home where Myron stayed before us. It was lovely for them to see each other. The volunteers’ faces beamed when they saw Myron, gave him beautiful greetings and were intrigued to find out if he had stopped crying now and was sleeping better. We gave a brief glowing report on his progress; but I think Myron ‘spoke’ for himself by running around the compound, chasing chickens, helping the waiters clean the tables, pointing out stars to those around him; playing with his finger puppets; and pointing out any nouns that he knew around the compound. During one interaction with three volunteers two of them emphatically said ‘remember us Myron; don’t forget about us will you’. On hearing this, the third volunteer at the end of the table said: ‘No, we don’t want you to remember us. We want you to forget about us, forget about where you came from and have a happy new life where you are. You forget about us.’ Strong words…

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